FREE WebClass For NZ Health Professionals Reveals ..
How to Attract More Regular Client Bookings For Your Business + Hit The Ground Running in 2019
(without all the usual fluff and tech overload!)

Jonathan Callinan

Founder & Managing Web Strategist
Our vision is to empower New Zealanders in leading pain-free and healthier lives.

To achieve this, our core values include building awareness and education of natural health modalities, practitioners, products and modern expert advice.


This 1-hour New Year webclass reveals the same step-by-step marketing methods that private clients and workshop attendees have paid to learn and use in their health business.

For this reason, the webclass may be taken down at any stage in the near future.

"Informative & Empowering"

I recommend this web training to anyone who wants to get savvy about expanding their field of influence and building their practice Carry on the good work!

-Dr Tony Minervino
(The Healing Business)
How Will Your Health Business Benefit From This
Free New Year Webclass?

Develop A Winning Welcome Message

- to keep new visitors on your page

Learn the 4 KEY questions going on inside your prospect’s mind and HOW to answer them all within 10 seconds to increase your client enquiries and web appointments. 

Generate Testimonials That Truly Sell

- to build instant trust with your prospects

99% of testimonials are written poorly and can even damage your professional reputation. Use this simple formula to gain formidable feedback and more bookings. 

Increase Your Online Authority in 2019

- stand out as the 'go-to' expert in your field

Advertising by itself will NOT work in 2019 .. If you truly want to create an online sales system that generates regular quality clients then you MUST be using this ONE strategy.. 
This New Year webclass also includes a FREE web listing for your business
PLUS a $250 'website client booster' video
Your own printable fill-in-the-blanks booklet to increase your web bookings
  •  Fill-in-the-blank profile bio for your health business that answers the 4 key questions your prospects want to know before they book
  •  Client Testimonial swipe sheet to build instant trust and credibility with your web visitors 
  •  Generate more regular web bookings with the '3-step Expert Marketing System'
  •  Personalise the webinar content for your own needs
  •  Handy web marketing booklet that you can refer back to as/when you want
What Other Kiwi Health Professionals Are Saying
About The Wellness Directory
I recently became a member of The Wellness Directory to further promote my Health and Performance Coaching business.

This membership gives me one year of expert web advertising and email support. Within nine days I received my first enquiry.

When I asked the client how she had found my services she said when she typed in EFT Hamilton into the search engine the first page listed at the top was The Wellness Directory. Her search was quickly satisfied and she was able to send an enquiry to me immediately. 

As a Practitioner this is great! The support from the team with regards layout of content, article publication, and social media promotion on Facebook, has also been superb.

Thank you!
Linda Wells 
Outcomes Unlimited
Jonathan clearly explained the importance of being 'out there' on the web in a variety of ways and if we don't know the online opportunities available then we can't make a decision and can be left floundering. 

There's a vital need to have a presence online and I think your presentation was timely, in order to make sure we are seen to be 'up with the play' and looking professional. It's definitely the best way to be seen in the world.

I also feel that your training opened a number of eyes and made us all think hard about the value of being listed in a quality site that will provide us with quality leads. 

Making sure we are listed correctly is be a vital part of this profession. It covers the legalities of our profession and avoids confusion. 

Judith Paterson 
Positive Life Balance
Registration also includes your own printable web training booklet
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